Wanting and Getting More is Easier with Success Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires - PowerGems for Succeeding
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Achieving More, with Success Shortcuts of Masters and Millionaires

So, you want to have more ______ or learn to ________ or get that __________.

There's at least one thing we can accept as immutable: The chances of it happening accidentally are not as good as when there is specific and direct effort toward achieving it. Pretty straightforward, isn't it?

"But if I've never done it before, how am I supposed to know how?"

I had my own ideas about it, but I figured it would be a good idea to ask people in a position to know. In three years (plus), I was able to study about 5,200 of the most successful people in history (yes, mostly modern history) I was able to study tapes, books, research, experimentation reports, videos, and more.... full time!

Throughout this period, I tried to list every single commonality I could find among these people. Was able to whittle all of my collected notes to about 4000 pages, and less than 200 tape cassettes (60-120 min ea). Plus, several hundred biographies and autobiographies, & everything I could find about these people
. At the same time, I experimented with some of the commonalities in my own life. It seemed to me that nooooooobody knows better about how to do something..... than people who have done it. Not talked about it, advised about it, suggested/demanded/offerred; no, no, no, we're talking about PEOPLE WHO WENT OUT AND DID IT.

In particular, people who wanted something specific, and accomplished it not merely once, but numerous times. I set an arbitrary figure of five separate accomplishments of the same thing as my base minimum. Was I ever in for surprises! Should you have the basic intelligence to actually use some of what you'll be reading (90% of you, no matter what your education levels are, are so stupid that you will never read most of this book, let alone use the magic found in these pages. Never mind "why," it's just a fact of life.

For those of you who DO actually read the following chapters, you're going to get pretty excited about whichever techniques make the most sense to you. About five percent of you are going to get astounded and excited, and will be smart enough to consistently use those methods that make the most sense to you.

In every examined walk of life, from concentration camp survivors, Olympic gold medallists successful entertainers, artists, politicians, baseball players... literally every examined walk of life... it turns out that roughly 5% of every group on earth rises up to the top of their field. Are these people in the five percent smarter? Better educated? Better connected w/ people in high places? Wealthier?

The answer in each category is a flat, distinct, "NO!" It's been proven so many times over that I'm not even going to waste your time establishing the basis for the statement. I'll simply ask you to accept it as a given.

So, what is it about these five of every hundred who rise to the top? Do they have commonalities? Do they do or possess something special that we "regular joes and janes" can tap into?

I give you an unconditional guaranteed "YES!" Yes, they have commonalities. Yes, they possess something special that you and I can tap into. Wait until you hear the best part: you can tap into the same resources that they are, and begin effecting big changes in your life --- in a matter of minutes! MINUTES!!!

Is there a catch? You bet there is. More than one, in fact. I'd say that the toughest catch/obstacle to you making radical improvements in your life is nothing more, or less, than making a decision that this is what you want. I kid you not. The decision to figure out a way to get ___________ or to be __________; this is where your biggest challenge can be found. Figuring out "HOW" is a piece of cake compared to making the decision itself that you'll go to work on it. Get through this first step, and you will come to understand over the coming days and weeks that you really ARE making big, big changes in your life.

Actually use pen and paper in the next 10 minutes, I promise you'll see changes within 72 hours. Most importantly from your own short-term point of view, you WILL see a daily or weekly progression that's faster than it's ever been for you before, and that's the whole point, hm?